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Dec 31, 2012 10:00am PST
president obama's sort of larger public campaign to pressure congress to get something done. i am told that he will be speaking in broad strokes about why he wants congress to act before the 1 st. of course, that's just a few more hours at this point in time. he will likely talk about the fact that middle class americans will see their taxes go up by about $2,000 if congress fails to act. the tact fact that the economy is in a state of recovery, and if we go over the clifr, if those tax hikes and spending cuts kick into effect, that could really harm the economic recovery. now, this is coming, though, as really the contours of a deal are emerging. one of my sources here at the white house tells me that the tax portion of this has been finished. has been agreed upon. essentially what you just talked about, chris, which is that taxes will go up on individuals making $400,000. couples making $450,000. that that's locked in, and they'll go all the way back up to the clinton era levels. that 39.6%. as well, they have dealt with the estate tax, which will inch up a little bit. that going up from
Dec 26, 2012 10:00am PST
who face opposition in congress often resort to executive actions. obama even had a program for it called "we can't wait." the most famous "we can't wait" provision was on immigration, where he basically stopped the deportation on young hispanic people brought her as immigrants as children. that's, as you know, the fastest-growing voting population in the country. >> and quite possibly could have delivered him the state of florida. let's talk about some other interesting issues, highs and lows of the campaign, that happened within a month of each other, the first would be a low, that first debate, a lot of folks thought mitt romney was tipping the scales after that night in denver. >> well, astonishing, several things were going on there, i don't think president obama likes these debates. i don't think he really respected governor romney at that point, probably thought he might have been a bit of a lightweight, also a feeling president obama wanted to feel presidential and above it all and all those things combined for a horrific performance, even his aides would admit that and he
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2